the power of your song ...


On these 20-degree mornings, I am always a little shocked and surprised to awaken to the chorus of birds cheerfully trilling right outside my window. How did these fragile little beings, with only flimsy little feathers between them and the icy wind, survive the frigid night? And after all that, what makes them so undauntingly joyful? “Hope is the thing with feathers—that sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all …” So it’s cold, so things are not always easy, so we might not make it until tomorrow, but still the voice is raised in song. Still there is hope. Welcome to your new year, your new morning, your gift … nothing has the power to stop your song.


For me, this new year is full of excitement. I’ve been writing new songs nonstop for months now, and I’m looking forward to sharing them, adding to that morning chorus … Look for a new album this year, new performances online, and keep your eye on the tour calendar. Hope to see you soon!